Friday, December 20, 2013

Nicaragua day 3 - fish!

We have fish. We started the day at 5.30am by going to the shores of the Lake to meet the fisherman as they were returning back with their catch. We basically went from boat to boat searching for the species that we wanted. The locals must have thought we were crazy.

The fisherman we specifically asked to go out for us the previous night wasn’t terribly successful but we still gave him money for his efforts. He felt really bad and offered to go out again to have another go.

It’s not an easy life, rowing back and forth out to the middle of the Lake under extremely choppy condition every night to fish.

I’d be keen to give our study species a try (they seem to be very a popular food fish among the locals) – but maybe at another, less polluted lake (my colleagues tell me that a factory had, some years before, released huge volumes of mercury into the Lake when it closed).

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