Sunday, December 22, 2013

Nicaragua day 6 - Lake Apoyo

We said goodbye to our Spanish collaborator today who is returning to Madrid for Christmas. She has been great value and has managed to sweet-talk our way out of having to pay a penalty (i.e. bribe) for ‘scratches’ to the side of the hire car and negotiating taxi fares so we wouldn’t get ripped off.  We are now without a native Spanish speaker so will have to rely instead on what I have learnt from Dora the Explorer.

Today we arrived in Lake Apoyo, a beautiful lake formed inside the crater of an extinct volcano. The lake itself is surrounded by lush jungle. It is really beautiful.

In contrast to our beautiful surroundings, the accommodation we have organised is a bit on the ‘basic’ side (truth be told, I think some Australian prisons are probably more luxurious). 

I’m a bit concerned about the bugs that might be already in the room, and the ones that are thinking of creeping in during the night….my collaborator already discovered a big whip spider on his bed (imagine a cross between a huntsman and a scorpion). And ‘no’, my collaborator didn’t manage to catch it so it’s still in his room, which, I guess, is a blessing because it means it isn’t in mine.

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