Sunday, December 15, 2013

trip preparation

The foot is much better today. It looks a bit wrinkly but I guess that's a sign the swelling is going down.

Today I must start preparing for the trip. I have to pack my bag and write copious instructions for Nathan to follow while I'm away. I also need to back up all the stuff laptop onto my newly purchased Time Machine. I hope it will be straightforward because I am hopeless with technology. Oh, and the dog. I will need to brush the dog before I go because Nathan definitely wont be doing that when I'm away so I should at least try to get out all the existing knots in anticipation of the new ones the dog will accumulate when I'm away.

I haven't really thought much about the trip itself, other than having to write a very lengthy security and safety plan for work – because Nicaragua is a country that has a higher DFAT warning (even though it is the second safest in North America after Canada, and the fact that we are not going to any of the dodgy areas).

I'm really looking forward to the plane ride this time. Am flying the Qantas A380 from Melbourne to LA. I booked a seat in premium economy. I thought 'screw it'. I have the research funds, I might as well  go in comfort. I also put in a request yesterday for an upgrade to business on frequent flyer points (I figure I might as well try to go in even more comfort if I can get it). The flight attendants will be wearing their chic new uniforms. Should be a nicer experience to what I am usually accustomed back in economy.

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