Wednesday, January 22, 2014

another outing

I went to work yesterday....a full day of meetings. It was otherwise extremely quiet. Most people are still away. I sat waiting for the train yesterday arvo to get back home, I decided I was going to take another day off today.

I started the day by venturing all the way out to Keysborough to visit Collector's Corner (I am such a plant nerd). Orchids get me hot and sweaty (especially as I am hanging out in the heated greenhouse).

By noon, I was back in the city and I decided to treat myself to an extremely decadent (and expensive) lunch at Shoya (mmm...sushi). I asked to sit at the sushi counter so I could watch the master sushi chef at work (doing so also allowed me to justify to myself that the price of the meal also included 'entertainment').

Satiated, I headed off to Bridge Road to pay the balance on our new dining chairs. They have finally arrived in Melbourne after a million years and I am looking forward to having guests over again without the worry they will tumble over on our old, broken chairs.

I had a couple of other things I need to buy so I headed back into the city. I went to Myer to pick up a power adapter for my Macbook Pro. I left the original one in the office but figured I needed a new one regardless because the cord on the old one had started to fray.

I then went on the hunt for a desk diary. Our work place nowadays uses google calander for everything but I am still a traditionalist, insisting on a physical diary (rather than a virtual one). This causes two problems. First, my colleagues get annoyed when they think I am free and book meetings with me on google calander. The second is actually finding a desk diary I like. This is a yearly chore but I actually managed to find one (I like the ones that open up to a week at a time).

Not long after getting home, Nathan skyped me from Phuket. I think the dog misses him because she got very excited when she heard his voice (Ok, I got excited too). He seems to be having a great time. He and his cousins have been to a Thai kick-boxing match, an elephant adventure ride, attended cooking classes, gone scuba diving and evidently will be going to see a ping pong show tonight (I told them to make sure to keep their mouths closed when the balls start flying).


Anonymous said...

"make sure to keep their mouths closed when the balls start flying". In my experience this is wise advice.

Victor said...

I think I would take a rain check on the Thai Kick Boxing if I were on that trip.

Adaptive Radiation said...

Andrew: apparently the boys 'had a ball' last night. I hope it wasn't literal.

Victor: I'm with you but I guess that's what happens when all of your travelling companions are young, straight men.

Evol Kween said...

I told them to make sure to keep their mouths closed when the balls start flying - EEEEWWWWWWW!!!!

Victor said...

Evol, where have you been? You are missed from the blogosphere! Hope you are well.

Adaptive Radiation said...

I second Victor's sentiment.