Friday, January 10, 2014

driving in Nicaragua... not for the faint hearted, which is why my student has been doing all the driving and not me. He has been very good at driving on the other (wrong) side of the road and dealing with the crazy drivers. Some interesting driving-related observations:

1. Passengers on motor bikes (usually a woman, small child or both) generally do not wear helmets.

2. If the traffic light changes, you can expect to be honked at within a ten of a millisecond if you do not start moving right away (a bit like in Sydney).

3. If travelling by taxi, don't be surprised if the driver pulls into a petrol station mid journey (it has happened to me 66.67% of my taxi rides so far).

4. At the traffic lights, don't be alarmed if a woman lies down at the intersection and starts throwing a child in the air in bizarre acrobatic manoeuvres. They are just performing for spare change.

5. A horse-drawn cart is a perfectly acceptable mode of transport – even in the capital city.

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Victor said...

You are correct. I would be alarmed by No.4!