Monday, January 27, 2014


Nathan got back from Thailand on Friday to an apartment covered in baking soda. I had read that baking soda is a good carpet deodoriser so I liberally sprinkled a box worth all over the floor. Unfortunately, the vacuum bag filled up and the vacuum stopped working – and we didn't have any more vacuum bags left.

So...on Saturday we decided to take the dog for a walk to Port Melbourne to pick up some vacuum bags. We walked along the 109 tram route, stopping at some random place for breakfast along the way. After picking up the bags, we made our way towards South Melbourne Markets to pick up some groceries before heading back home.

We dropped the dog and the groceries back at home and then headed into the city for a late lunch at Il Solito Posti. We each ordered some zucchini flowers for starters (I had never had zucchini flowers before). I had a nice pasta for main course. Nathan had meatballs.

In the evening we caught up with some friends for dinner at Mesa Verde a Mexican place located on the sixth floor of Curtin House. Unfortunately the lifts were out of order (do they ever work?) so it was quite an effort to get up to the restaurant. The food was ok (though I admit I have very high expectations of Mexican cuisine after spending time travelling and eating my way across the country in 2004).

We slept in on Sunday. Well, actually, Nathan slept in. I was up with the dog watching breakfast TV.

When Nathan finally got ready, it was already lunch time so I suggested going across the Yarra to South Wharf to try Bang Pop (as if Nathan hadn't had enough Thai food this past week).

After lunch, we decided to go shopping on Chapel Street. I picked up a nice new (pink!) shirt at The Windsor Annex and then made our way back to South Wharf for more shopping at the DFO, where i bought a navy jumper (everyone needs a navy jumper).

We decided to have a quick 'light' dinner at the Hilton Hotel nearby, which has a decent tapas bar. Two hours – and quite a few plates of tapas and some dessert wine – later, we headed home to spend a couple of hours gawping at a broody Aaron Pedersen on Mystery Road.



Anonymous said...

Seems to be an awful lot of food involved in your weekend.

Adaptive Radiation said...

I need to make up for the 6kg I lost in Nicaragua.

Victor said...

Dear me, if I lost 6kg I would hope there would be no making it up.

I watched Mystery Road too and thought it was excellent. Pederson looked very good in the movie.

Evol Kween said...

Mystery Road was a highlight for me at the 2013 international film festival. And, I love Il Solito Posti!

Adaptive Radiation said...

Victor: Pederson is a definite highlight.

EK: The squid ink pasta is my favourite. Alas, it is only available when the restaurant-side is open.