Sunday, February 23, 2014

keysborough and beyond

Nathan, the dog and I decided to go out for a drive yesterday.

We began our adventure out at collector's corner in keysborough where I bought an orchid with the tiniest flowers I had ever seen. Here is a photo I found on the web showing a close up of the flower (which is only ~ 3 mm across).  
We then decided to drive to Gippsland to let the dog run around on the farm. She loved it...until she got too close to an electric fence. Poor Truffles. Luckily, no major damage.

There is a very nice fig tree growing on the farm. Unfortunately the fruit weren't ready but I took a branch home and made a flower arrangement.

I also took some of these (Hawthorn, I think) to decorate the dining table.


Andrew said...

Electric fences, I remember them well. "it is ok, you can touch it. It's not switched on". Not funny!

Adaptive Radiation said...

I always test them first by holding a grass stem onto the fence.