Saturday, August 16, 2014

midwinta ball

Nathan and I attended the inaugural midwinta ball last night at the Grand Hyatt. Nathan had organised tickets a while ago but forgot to tell me about it until Wednesday.

The event was black tie. We had planned to hire tuxedos but because it was too 'last minute', Nathan ended up buying a tux (which wasn't that much more expensive than the cost of hire) and I decided to just wear my black suit with a bow tie to make it look a bit more formal. I was feeling a little nervous about being under-dressed but I needn't have turns out that anything goes at a gay gala ball. One guy even wore black leather and chains (I guess technically it was still 'black tie').


Victor said...

I haven't worn a tuxedo (or dinner suit as we used to call it) in decades. I don't expect to ever wear one again.

Adaptive Radiation said...

I'm sure you would have looked very smart in one Victor. Everyone looked amazing on the night...on the dance floor in their suits.