Saturday, September 13, 2014

the accusation

Nathan and I noticed a small, light coloured patch on Truffles' lip last week. Naturally, being hypochondriac dog owners, we took her to the vet.

Vet: It's definitely not a tumour...It looks more like a cigarette burn.
(Seriously, did the vet just accuse me of torturing our dog?)

Me (defensively): That's impossible. We don't smoke. And she lives inside the apartment.


Victor said...

Abuse generally is a big topic in the USA which I have just left with two professional footballers facing serious abuse charges (one of the domestic variety, the other of the child type).

I'm sure neither you nor Nathan are abusers. I'll vouch for you!

Victor said...

Oh dear my grammar has deteriorated since departing Oz.

That should have read '...neither you nor Nathan is an abuser...'.

My profound apologies.

Adaptive Radiation said...

Your grammar is fine Victor ;-)