Saturday, October 25, 2014

lights out

I blacked out yesterday afternoon. I was having a lie down at home and got out of bed too quickly. It's never happened to me before. When I awoke, I found myself lying on the floor and the dog was staring at me from the bed. I had a bit of pain on the right side of my body (I think I must have hit the side of the bed on my way down) and I scraped my elbow. Nothing major...luckily I didn't hit my head. Hmmm....things certainly aren't the same as when I was younger.


Andrew said...

Not something to ignore, AdRad. If you were bent down at the lowest supermarket shelf and stood up, ok, but not getting out of bed.

Victor said...

Time to check your blood pressure, me thinks.

Adaptive Radiation said...

Thanks for the concern guys. I did check my blood pressure after and it was normal but will definitely go to the doctor and get it checked out.