Saturday, March 14, 2015

Saturday outing

It was a very busy Saturday.

Nathan and I started with brunch at nearby South Wharf. 

I then decided to go into work to clean out my gigantic office aquarium. I inherited the aquarium when I first started at the university and my busy schedule laziness meant that the fish tank was starting to look like a cesspit (it was starting to smell like one too).  I figure it would be a good idea to do the aquarium clean out on the weekend so I could surreptitiously spread the gravel out across the garden beds adjacent to my office building (and to give my office a couple of days for the stink to dissipate). Nathan offered to give me a hand. Sucker. Actually, I'm actually glad he helped me out because we managed to clean out the aquarium in next to no time (though we both ended up being splashed with smelly detritus). The dog came along too, for fun.

After cleaning out the fish tank, we took the dog back to the apartment and then headed straight out to Mt Evelyn for a late lunch and a walk around my favourite native plant nursery, which was having a sale.  I couldn't resist these beautiful Cyathea cunninghamii tree ferns. Of course, the tree ferns were not on sale but I ended up taking one home anyway (along with some other plants for the balcony garden).
We were back in the apartment for no more than 30 minutes before heading out again, this time to Williamstown. We took the dog again. We bought some battered fish and scallops and ate them in the car (by then it was starting to get a bit cold and windy). The dog watched on (she had chicken). 

Am now back in the apartment...completely exhausted. I think I'm going to take it easy tomorrow.


Andrew said...

Well, you aren't getting any younger. You should take things a bit easier:-P

Victor said...

What happened to the fish in the aquarium?

Adaptive Radiation said...

Andrew: Seriously, you are right!! I woke up feeling sore all over...I think from lifting all those buckets of gravel.

Victor: The good thing about being a fish biologist is I have a laboratory full of fish tanks so they have moved to new quarters and will be well looked after.