Sunday, April 12, 2015

Short shanked

Nathan had been in Gippsland dealing with some family matters and returned home last night for the weekend. We decided to go to our favourite Japanese restaurant just across the Yarra from where we live. The food there is great but I was a bit disappointed with the portions. Some of the dishes are half the size they used to be. The most obvious was the miso grilled lamb shank. The last time we ordered it, we got two shanks to a serve. This time there was only one. And it's not as though shanks are an expensive cut. Oh well, at least the dog enjoyed gnawing on the bone.


Andrew said...

I get really annoyed at paying high prices or receiving small serves of cuts that used to be given by butchers for free to feed to dogs. Ditto lamb belly and for goodness sake, the rubbish that is pulled pork. Rant concluded.

Adaptive Radiation said...

You would have loved the fact that the fish head noodle soup I had today for lunch cost more than the fish fillet noodle soup on the menu.