Sunday, April 19, 2015

The stupid dog that we love so much

We had a bit of a scare yesterday morning.

Nathan and I have a routine of taking the dog with us to the supermarket and always make the effort to let the dog have a run around at a nearby park on the way. The dog usually sticks to the grassed area and tries (unsuccessfully) to get at the rainbow lorikeets in the palm trees.

Anyhow, after the shopping yesterday, we walked past the same park again and Nathan let go of the leash to let the dog have a second run around. And boy did she run. In fact, she bolted over to, and then past, the park and went straight to the main road...and then disappeared out of sight.

Our hearts sank. Nathan ran after the dog. Luckily, a very nice person in her car stopped and managed to entice the dog to her car and get Truffs out of the traffic.

We were both angry at the dog and relieved at the same time.

The thing that spooked the dog? A tourist horse and carriage on its way to Swanston Street. We didn't hear the horses' footsteps but obviously the dog did.


Andrew said...

We are looking after our friend's dog for a few days from this afternoon and he just can't be trusted to be off a leash. He will run up to people and jump, he will attack big dogs and he is not very responsive to being called. Bad enough when your own dog bolts, but worse when is someone else's dog that you have responsibility for.

Adaptive Radiation said...

That's very always wary to put such responsibility on others. We usually just end up taking our's to a dog hotel!