Monday, June 1, 2015

Over done

Victor was right. Business class on American Airlines is nothing to rave about. In fact, I found their service a bit too much. They kept trying to offer passengers junk food every few minutes or clear away people's glasses (even when it was obvious that the drinks were not yet finished). The meals were over the top too (ice cream sundae with chocolate fudge sauce for dessert...the flight attendant was shocked when I said 'no thanks'.. It's quite the opposite extreme to flying economy on American, where you barely get any service at all.

A few interesting observations:

1. You can bring pets on planes in America.
2. When the pilot needs to go to the toilet at the front of the plane, the flight attendants push out a trolley and uses it as a barrier to the aisle of the plane (presumably to block undesirables from rushing into the cockpit).

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