Saturday, July 25, 2015

Saturday flowers

These were actually last Saturday's flowers (some kind of Eucalypt) but they are still looking very fresh. These weren't the only flowers I bought last week...
My sister had her second baby last Friday (Lauren is the baby's name and she is adorable...of course). Nathan and I went to visit our new niece at St Vincent's Private and I went a bit OTT at the florist.

Apart from the Eucalypts for home, we also got my sis a huge floral bouquet from Flower's Vasette.

The guy that served us really took his floral artistry very very seriously. He told us to go grab a coffee and to come back after a few minutes. We returned after coffee and breakfast and he was still busy arranging the cymbidium orchid and hellebores and God-knows-what-else he grabbed from the front of the shop. Eventually he re-emerged from the back with the most amazing arrangement placed inside a large glass vase full of water – which Nathan and I then had to carry halfway along Brunswick Street to the hospital.
By the time we got to see my sister and the baby, my arms were twitching from the weight of the flowers.


Andrew said...

No incident when carrying them past the commission flats?

Adaptive Radiation said...

No...but we did get some funny looks.

Blogoratti said...

Great photos. Greetings!