Sunday, August 2, 2015

Salmon Saturday

We caught up with one of Nathan's former colleagues for brunch on Saturday.

We went to the Tassal salmon shop in Kew, which probably isn't the most obvious meeting place for brunch but the shop's cafe does have a rather nice brekky menu – and not everything has salmon in it.

The wait staff, while friendly, weren't terribly knowledgeable though. I ordered a potato rosti with poached eggs and a side order of smoked salmon. I enquired whether the salmon was cold smoked or hot smoked since the Tassal shop sold both. At first, the girl said that it was cold but they can heat it up if I wanted. After explaining that I was referring to the smoking process (rather the temperature of salmon), she assured me that the salmon is hot smoked. She brought out a plate of cold smoked salmon. Never mind. I like both.

After brekky, I went to the actual salmon shop and went a bit crazy with the credit card and carted home 4 kg of fish (including some hot smoked salmon), which I then had to squeeze into the freezer, as Nathan was insistent he did not want to eat salmon for the next 3 days (spoil sport).

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Victor said...

I think laminations are the only food I could eat for three consecutive days.