Sunday, October 11, 2015

A good end to a sore week

After hobbling around in pain all week due to a leg injury (sustained from fieldwork last week), it was wonderful to catch up with some friends visiting from Perth.

The friends are always lamenting the lack of decent restaurants in Perth so we decided to go to yum cha in the city.

The restaurant we went to had two options for diners, who can either choose to pay for the number of dishes they select or to make a prior commitment towards an all-you-can-eat fixed price option before starting to eat. We opted for the latter, which resulted in this rather awkward sign being plonked at our table for all the other diners to see.


Victor said...

I suppose you need to know the restaurant well to make a considered choice otherwise it is an even money bet as to which option will suit your dining style (hunger?) best.

Adaptive Radiation said...

The last time I went with Nathan, we decided to pay for what we ordered. Knowing about how much I can eat, you can probably guess we paid a lot more than if we had done the all you can eat option.