Saturday, November 14, 2015

A walk in the park

I spent the morning glued to the TV, watching the horrific news of the attack in Paris unfold.

By midday, I had had enough. Nathan had to go to work in the morning. I went out briefly to run an errand and then organised to meet Nathan afterwards to take the dog for an outing. Truffs and I were already waiting downstairs when Nathan pulled up at the front of the apartment in the car.

We hopped in and headed to Port Melbourne for a late lunch. We then took Truffs to the Gasworks Arts Park for a run around. She had a great time chasing after the other dogs and we had a nice time talking to other dog owners. It was nice to be in the sunshine and away from the TV.  


Andrew said...

Much as it happened here. The media coverage became too much and we went into town, bought some christmas tree lights in Big W, some greeting cards for forthcoming birthdays and had coffee and bought some naughty food to take home for afternoon tea. We watched the concise ABC news on tv tonight and that is it, until perhaps a Sunday special edition of AM. Must go to Gasworks Park again soon. We will be looking after Dog Jack in a week or so, perhaps an outing for him.

Adaptive Radiation said...

Might see you at Gasworks then! Dogs aside, I love the fact that there are plenty of nice places for dog owners/carers to sit (under trees, on park benches etc) until the dogs are fully exhausted.