Sunday, November 29, 2015

Legal tender

I was standing in a queue behind a woman waiting to be served in a shop the other day. The woman took out a five dollar note to pay for her purchase. It had a tiny tear in the corner. The sales attendant refused to take the note and there was a bit of a stand off until another employee told him that it was ok to accept it. Surely a tiny chunk missing from the corner doesn't invalidate the note?! I get more annoyed when I end up with one of those pesky New Zealand 20 cent coins.



Anonymous said...

I believe banks will accept any note as long as it more than half the note. Never mind NZ coins. You have euros to worry about now.

Victor said...

Andrew, I got lumbered with two thirds of a $5.00 note just before my trip I think in change from a small grocery store. Only one serial number was visible. Westpac at Bondi Junction refused to accept it and then claimed that if I was prepared to go through 'all the paperwork' I might get reimbursed about $3.50 for it. I think they were being serious! I won't tell you what I did with that note. I might get arrested.

Adaptive Radiation said...

Hmmm...I'll be more careful with accepting torn notes after Victor's experience.