Sunday, January 31, 2016

Another crash

The intersection near my apartment is an accident hotspot. Cars often venture too far forward onto the tram tracks when there is a red light or drivers get confused and drive forward when they shouldn't. As a result, the sound of cars smashing into each other or into trams is becoming all too familiar. It just happened again. A ute has slammed into a moving tram. The tram passengers have all alighted and are walking away. The tram driver looks flabbergasted.


Anonymous said...

It is a bit strange when all the intersections in the area are fully controlled by arrows and T lights for trams. It's just the human element, I guess.

Adaptive Radiation said...

Definitely. The fact that I've heard or seen so many accidents myself (and I'm not home 24/7) suggests that the true number of crashes must be much higher. Clearer road marking are needed. The biggest issue is that cars don't seem to be stopping at the right spot of the intersection when there is a red light.