Saturday, January 16, 2016

Bits and bobs

Holy crap. My last post was on 1 January and it's now already the middle of the month. Bad blogger.

Hmmm...what has happened in the last couple of weeks?

Nathan, Truffles and I drove back from Canberra on 3 January and were caught out in a big storm near Shepparton. The rain and hail pelted down so hard–and the visibility was so bad–that quite a few cars (including ours) decided to pull over to the side of the road to wait things out. The weather eventually eased up enough for us to resume our trip and we were back in Melbourne by the afternoon. Then, it was pretty much back to work the next day. Big mistake.

January at work really sucks. No one is around and I came down with a case of the post holiday blues. So...having spent no more than two days back at work, I decided to take a couple of days off (God knows I have more than enough accumulated leave) and just chilled out at home.

This week I was back in the office feeling much more 'work ready'.

We also have a house visitor this week. Nathan and I are looking after his friend's daughter's pet lhasa apso...a small fluffy thing called Marley. She's been the perfect house guest so far. She is quiet, shits and pisses in the designated areas, eats whatever she is given (and seems to appreciate it too), doesn't make much noise, and sleeps under the bed. Truffles seems to enjoy the company. I must say though, at times this week, with furry animals following me around everywhere (i.e. Truffles, Marley and Nathan), its felt a bit like this in the loft...


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