Friday, February 5, 2016


A couple of days ago I was standing at Flinders Street waiting for my train. I couldn't help but notice a couple sitting nearby. The man was very good looking. The woman was not. He was well groomed and was wearing nice clothes. She was dishevelled and wearing an unflattering track suit. They were physically mismatched.

Was she a beauty when they first met and has since let herself go? Or maybe, it was the other way around?

Just as I was starting to wonder about their back story, the train pulled up to the platform and I realised that perhaps I'm just being shallow.


Unknown said...

It's always interesting to wonder about what seem to be mismatched couples, or people even. A couple of weeks ago I saw what seemed to be a father with his two children a boy and a girl. He was putting them into a car, one in a car seat. They may have been five and seven and both gorgeous looking with curly blond hair and the father? was as black as black.

Adaptive Radiation said...

Your story reminds me of a guy I know who looks half Asian. He is very handsome, in the way that Eurasians tend to be. I met his mum first. She is a typical white Aussie woman so I simply assumed the dad must be Asian. So, imagine my surprise when I met the dad and he turned out to be typical white Aussie bloke. The guy's partner jokes that the mum must have had an affair.

Victor said...

When I was in Beijing I used to interview many White Russians from Xinjiang. The vast majority looked totally Asian in appearance but every now and then there would be one family member blonde and blue eyed. A complete throwback to an earlier generation in the family tree.