Sunday, February 21, 2016

Great outdoors

Oh boy, I've been so bad with my blogging of late. I have an excuse though (well, several)...Blogger has stopped working properly on my version of Safari, I am technologically incompetent, and I'm not a big fan of Google Chrome (the only remaining option when I want to blog). Oh...I've also been away.

Last week, I was with a new cohort of undergrad students participating in the leadership program I developed for the faculty. We went back to the same place as last year. This time there was a lot less apprehension about partaking in the activities that freaked me out last year, like white water rafting and abseiling. In fact, my hear barely skipped a beat this time (and I have arrhythmia) when I went over the cliff for the abseiling.

I wanted to take a selfie when I was midway down but didn't think it was appropriate. So, instead, I waited until I got down to the bottom and tried to stage a photo whilst leaning back against a rock. Unfortunately, a student 'photo bombed' my shot and gave away the ruse.


Anonymous said...

It's a nice photo of you.

Victor said...

'Sprung', as they say.

Adaptive Radiation said...

Andrew: Thanks. Pity the student ruined the shot ;-)
Victor: Yes, indeed. Need to take some photography tips from you.