Saturday, March 19, 2016

Another wedding

Another week. Another wedding. This time, Nathan and I are heading off to Emerald. Truffles is invited too.

The groom and I are work colleagues but we've been friends since we were grad students. It's his second marriage. The first one didn't work out but he is still good friends with his ex, who is also invited. Nathan and I liked his ex very much. We like his wife-to-be too!

Of all the guests, I'm kinda excited to meet the rest of my friend's family the most. I've known about them for years but have never actually met them (his first wedding was very low key and took place in Brisbane,). I'm looking forward to seeing his two sisters, one of whom is married (to a guy who used to work with my friend at McDonald's when he was younger). I'm looking forward to meeting his dad and his dad's Thai-Finnish girlfriend (who none of the family likes). I reckon the girlfriend will be a hoot. I'll at least have a love of Finland in common with her. My friend did warn me that his dad and his brother-in-law are homophobic though. Let's see how that plays out.

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