Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Korean fired chicken and bubble tea

You know those days when everything seems aligned? Yesterday was not one of those days.

Nathan and I were in the city doing some shopping and we decided to get some bubble tea. We walked past a Korean restaurant and decided that we'd much prefer Korean fried chicken (KFC). We took our seat in the restaurant. Things started well enough.... there was KFC on the menu. Yay.

Unfortunately, when we started to place our order, the waitress informed us that the chicken was boneless. What? Boneless KFC? No way. We decided to go elsewhere.

Now on a mission with KFC on our mind, we walked up Swanston Street to another restaurant I knew that specialised in Korean fried chicken. Alas, it was closed.

So...we walked across the road to yet another Korean restaurant and took our seats. I knew this place definitely had fired chicken on their menu. But...when I started to place our order, the waitress said they had sold out. F*&K!! We left.

By this stage, the appeal of fried chicken had waned (and I did not really find Nathan's alternative suggestion of Kentucky fried chicken particularly appealing...or amusing) so we decided to go back to our original game plan. We ditched the idea of going for fired chicken and made our way to the bubble tea shop.

I started to place our order at the bubble tea shop and was informed that they had ran out of the 'pearls' (i.e. tapioca for making the bubble tea). A bubble tea without the bubble. No way.


Anonymous said...

I don't have a clue what bubble tea is but if it has tapioca in it, maybe I should try some.

Adaptive Radiation said...

It's delicious Andrew...try it out in Chinatown. Ask for your tea with pearls (=tapioca).

Victor said...

A bubble tea without bubble and by the sounds of it lunch without food. Definitely not your day!

Adaptive Radiation said...

Yes Victor... my usual food experiences are much more positive.