Sunday, April 17, 2016


It was Nathan's 40th yesterday. We went to Kyneton for a nice lunch at a place called Source Dining. We went to the same restaurant last Autumn (on the day Nathan got made redundant) but it had a different name back then. Not sure why the owners decided to change the name of the restaurant. It didn't matter. The food was as amazing as our first visit. I ordered the roast hare. I've not had hare before and had expected it to taste like rabbit but it was more akin to a very tender piece of beef.

We also visited a funky shop on the same street as the restaurant called Stockroom. The shop had a gallery and there was an exhibition showing by a landscape artist called Greg Wood. Alas, I couldn't resist and bought one of his paintings. I have limited wall space left at home but have just the spot for it when I get it home after the exhibition is over.
After Kyneton, we made our way to Maldon to attend his Godmother's 60th birthday celebrations. I had not been to Maldon before but I think I'm going to have go back. It was a small little town but there were lots of interesting shops lining the main street.

We returned back to Melbourne in the early evening. It started to rain and I noticed the landscape looked just like the Greg Wood painitings we had seen earlier at Kyneton.


Victor said...

Belated birthday greetings to Nathan.

Adaptive Radiation said...

Thanks...I'll pass on your greetings Victor.