Saturday, April 30, 2016

Poor Truffs

I had to take Truffles to the vet earlier in the week because we noticed a rash on her tail from her incessantly licking the base of her tail. It turn out her anal glands were full (eeeww) and was causing her some discomfort. The vet had to squeeze the glands and the smell (eeeww) was terrible. I had to walk Truffs back to the apartment with an Elizabethan collar around her head to stop her from licking her tail. She was finding it difficult to adjust to the collar. Poor one stage, she walked straight into a lamp post.


Anonymous said...

Belated birthday wishes. In spite of innumerable childhood dogs and two of our own, none ever had anal gland issues. I wonder why it has become an issue over the last couple of decades.

Victor said...

A friend of mine has been told her rabbit has nasal cancer and it is receiving chemotherapy. It never occurred to me that pets could contract cancer.

Adaptive Radiation said...

From nose to tail...I'm learning that pets can cost their owners a lot of $$.