Sunday, April 10, 2016


Nathan and I just got back from Hobart. It was a short trip away with one of our Finnish friends who had not been to Tasmania before. Hobart is a wonderful city and both Nathan and I talked about how we can both see ourselves living there. The houses are so much more affordable than Melbourne. The food is amazing. And everyone seems so friendly. I just need to get a job at the University of Tasmania!


Andrew said...

Welcome to my world Ad Rad. Temperature in Hobart is at times warmer than Melbourne, yet not so killer hot in the summer. You could probably afford to live in Battery Point or at least Sandy Bay. While our summer was not too hot this year, it often is and a summer refuge in Tasmania would be very nice. Do make your application to UTAS.

Victor said...

What!? Leave the world's most liveable city? Surely not!