Sunday, June 5, 2016


I met Ali 12 years ago. It was at a fancy Australian American fundraiser in New York. As a junior scientist, I was completely outside my comfort zone (It was only the second time I ever wore a tux; the first was at my year 12 formal). In a cavernous hall full of amazing people (from TV personalities to media moguls), he was by far the biggest star amongst a sea of stars. Ali was the one all the guests wanted to get a photograph with.



Andrew said...

Indeed RIP and wow, you met him. Nevertheless, I am a little surprised at the adoration poured on him by the media. He was a boxer with a good way with words, and not unattractive. At least no one has called him a hero.

Adaptive Radiation said...

Everyone loves a legend ;-)

Victor said...

Interesting how he went from a loud mouth who most people wanted to see beaten in the ring to a man who'd earned intense respect.

I have never been interested in boxing but years ago I saw the documentary 'When We Were Kings' about his bout in Zaire against George Foreman and came out astonished that I'd found the film totally fascinating and with a completely different view about Ali.