Saturday, July 9, 2016


I read about this story in the Fairfax newspapers:

Briefly, family inherits vase from antique dealer aunt (surely a clue as to potential value?). Family uses vase as door stop. Family decides to get rid of vase at a boot sale but has change of mind and gets it valued first. Vase turns out to be chinese antique from the kiln of the Imperial court. Vase goes to auction. Vase sells for 650K GBP ($1.2 million AU). Family lives happily ever after.

I shall be visiting some boot sales when I go to Exeter later this month.


Victor said...

Reminds me of the blue and white goods we (i.e. other friends and I) brought back from our posting in Beijing. Friends saw that similar ware sold in Britain for millions of pounds. They excitedly sent me some of theirs from their home in Brisbane for assessment by Sotheby's in Sydney. Unfortunately a couple of chips on the surface was all that stood between them and becoming millionaires. Still they got about $1500 which was well over the sort of prices we paid in China.

Victor said...

PS; I never bothered to have mine assessed. All my souvenirs from China have chips on them.

Adaptive Radiation said...

Wow....$1500 is indeed a good price. I reckon you should get your's evaluated too....just in case.

Victor said...

I've never considered doing it. Maybe one day?