Saturday, July 2, 2016

No parking

One of the negatives of apartment living is having to defend your car space from interlopers.

Some car space owners have clearly had enough.

Nathan and I came across this amusing sight when we arrived back at the apartment the other night.
It reads "Repeat after me...I should not park here".


John Going Gently said...

i love the youtube video of the south american guy who parked in a disabled bay and someone covered his entire car in post its

Anonymous said...

While it is not a huge problem in our building, there are occasional offences. There is nothing quite a like a another car parked in my space for me to want to kill. A couple of people have had manual fold up barriers installed.

Adaptive Radiation said...

John: while not as extreme, the note plastered over this person's car did make us laugh...a lot.

Andrew: I have been meaning to get a barrier installed in our space too. So far, we have resorted to leaving polite notes on the windscreen that get progressively more stern when the car owner continues to park in our spot. The problem is no longer as bad now that we have our own car and actually occupy our space. Prior to that, it was just very annoying that interlopers always seemed to park in our spot when we have visitors coming and needed the parking spot (Murphy's law).

Victor said...

Luckily, my 48 years old apartment building has individual lock up garages so I don't suffer that problem. However, my garage is located next to the back door of the building and occasionally - thankfully, rarely - some tradie blocks my garage whilst delivering or carrying out a service. The polite ones leave a contact number on their windscreen.

Adaptive Radiation said...

Sydney tradies seem very considerate Victor ;-)