Friday, September 23, 2016

In the news

I read in the news this week that there have been allegations of child sexual abuse levelled against one of my old headmasters in Canberra. The alleged offending occurred before he came to my school.

Whether or not these allegations are true should be left to the courts. What I do know is that this ex-headmaster was not a very nice person. He had really bad anger management issues and would go off at staff and students. Once, in a school assembly, he lost his temper so bad that, after the school assembly was over, when we went back to class, the teacher decided to dispense with her lesson plan and just spent the entire period talking with the students to make sure we were ok.    


Anonymous said...

Scary, but forgive him because I expect he was under extreme stress about what he had done to to some students.

Your teacher after assembly was very kind.

I know a former priest who has alzheimers and I expect one day he will be named in the media.

Adaptive Radiation said...

If the allegations are true then he needs to face the consequences. He was headmaster at the time that allegations surfaced about other teachers at our School. I guess his response will be under renewed scrutiny.