Wednesday, September 7, 2016


A friend of mine was able to get 600 euros compensation for a flight cancellation he experienced coming back to Oz from the UK.

Given my own flight cancellation a month ago, I decided to investigate further.

I contacted Qantas about my cancelled flight late last week. Sure enough, I received confirmation that I am entitled to a 600 euro refund too! Evidently flights coming out of EU countries are bound by regulations that specify compensation for cancellations and delays. Because I got back to Melbourne almost 8 hours after my scheduled arrival time, I was entitled to the compensation. Yay!


Anonymous said...

We need laws like that here. Qantas will try to fob you off with a travel voucher. Actually, I have a feeling that these might be international laws. I did investigate once. It is a wonder Qantas didn't give a further couple of hundred euro for your silence.

Adaptive Radiation said...

Qantas was surprisingly great all along the way. The check in staff offered to put me up in a hotel to wait it out before my next flight (which I think was also mandated by EUR regulations) but I turned it down since it was during the day. The customer care people were also great when I was asking about the compensation. Mind you, it looks like passengers actually have to be the ones to 'trigger' the process as the compensation was not automatic. Still, the form was very easy to fill out and the money is now already in my account.