Saturday, March 4, 2017

Luna Park wedding

Nathan and I went to a wedding last week at Luna Park.

I had no idea that Luna Park did wedding receptions, but I thought it was a really fun venue.

We were perched on the roof of the main cafe for the actual wedding ceremony, right next to the tracks of the big roller coaster. In between the sound of screaming roller coaster riders, the bride and groom managed to get through their vows.

I guess an amusement park is actually quite an appropriate venue for a wedding. It's full of wedding relevant symbolism (emotional roller coaster ride immediately comes to mind).


Andrew said...

I didn't know such things happened at Luna Park. One year Pride March ended with a party at Luna Park. That was interesting!

Victor said...

Interesting choice for a wedding venue. I can see opportunities for fun activities as part of the reception but exchanging vows alongside the roller coaster sounds rather hair raising.