Saturday, August 26, 2017

All clear

Went to see my electrophysiologist yesterday. The second heart operation seems to have been a success and he hopes he will never have to see me again. The feeling is mutual.

On my way out of the consulting rooms, I received a text from Nathan saying his grandmother was in the same hospital getting some tests. I decided to go up to the ward for a visit.

Nathan's grandma is a fiercely independent lady who lives on her own in Inverloch. She had a fall in the bathroom ten weeks ago - and hasn't been right since. Nathan's aunt finally decided to take her to hospital here in Melbourne to see if they can figure out why she is still in pain.

Nathan's grandmother is all about appearances. She had her hair cut specifically for her hospital stay (though she complained that the hairdresser had cut it too short). When I saw her, she was wearing a necklace under her hospital gown. The nurse made her take it off for her x-ray appointment.

The most amusing thing of all was when she introduced me as her 'friend'. The nurse looked at me strangely to try to figure out the nature of this somewhat odd pairing of elderly caucasian lady and younger asian man.


Anonymous said...

I so often see odd pairings such as you describe and my mind whirls with what the possible connections could be. I expect nurses are quite worldly people and 'my partner's aunt' would have quickly made things clear. But I am not saying you owe an explanation. Anyway, pleasing news from your electrophysiologist, not that I have heard of that name before.

Victor said...

Good news on the health front.

I ma picturing you as the toy boy. Most amusing.

Adaptive Radiation said...

Andrew: Yesterday when Nathan and I both went to visit her, she introduced me to the attending (gay?) male nurse as Nathan's 'friend'. She then proceeded to flirt unashamedly with the nurse. The old lady still has it.
Victor: It's better than being mistaken for a monk, which has happened to me too.