Sunday, January 28, 2018

Plants, plants, plants

Clearly indoor plants have become a 'thing'.

I was wandering around Collingwood yesterday and saw a young lady with two big pot plants under each arm. Less than a block away, three people were walking along the street, each carrying a plant.

I later made my way to the Fitzroy nursery on Brunswick Street and I've never seen it so busy. I could barely move inside the shop.

And it seems that this obsession with plants, driven by young hipster types, has led to plant shops stocking all kinds of rare and wonderful plants that I had previously only ever seen in specialty nurseries. Needing a Nepenthes? Pining for a Pilea? Or desiring a Dischidia? Not a problem. All are available at the local nursery.


Unknown said...

Ha, I know that nursery well enough. They will kill their great new plants quickly enough.

Victor said...

In my hands the plants would be dead within the week.

Adaptive Radiation said...

Andrew: Yes, those plants are not easy to keep.
Victor: Plastic plants are probably a good option then.