Sunday, February 11, 2018

July versus September

I'm putting my hand up to host a scientific conference here in Melbourne in a couple of year's time. Its going to be a bit scary but I'm also very excited to showcase our city to an international delegation.

My immediate dilemma is to decide when would be the best time to hold the conference as dates need to be locked in several years in advance.

July would suit folks coming from Europe and North America as it coincides with their Summer break but the weather in Melbourne won't be terribly good (In the words of an Australian colleague I consulted, it will be 'bleak').

September would be better but it will be middle of teaching for scientists in the Northern Hemisphere. Plus, the dates overlap slightly with the AFL Grand Final so accommodation might be problematic.



Anonymous said...

April, when they will get a taste of their summer to come as ours dies off.

Victor said...

You betray your emigrant roots as a former Canberran, AdRad. Every self respecting Melbournian would plumb for September if only to show off the AFL finals.

Adaptive Radiation said...

Andrew: April would indeed be a good time to showcase Melbourne. Bugger. Too many options.
Victor: The AFL would definitely be an eye opener for the international participants.