Saturday, February 24, 2018

New Qantas livery

Qantas has painted one of their newest Boing 787s in an aboriginal design based on a painting by one of the country's most renowned indigenous artists, the late Emily Kngwarreye. Those who know Emily's works might be a bit disappointed. I don't think the design is easily recognisable as being representative of her work. Still, it's great that the national carrier is honouring a great artist in this way.
 The latest addition to the Qantas fleet is one of a number of planes to have been painted with aboriginal designs. Here are a few others.

And my favourite, a design based on the wonderful work of Paddy Bedford.


Anonymous said...

Pretty planes. The only problem is they are hard to identify in the sky.

Victor said...

I quite like the designs but the red tail mostly jars alongside them.

Adaptive Radiation said...

Andrew: I agree. It's a good marketing ploy but probably don't want to do too many. British Airways made the error a few years ago when they painted their tails with different artistic designs and diluted their brand.

Victor: The red tail works the best on the Paddy Bedford plane. The blue plane doesn't work well at al with the bright red taill.