Saturday, March 17, 2018

Design fail?

I was excited to see a Lufthansa plane painted in their new livery as I boarded my flight out of Frankfurt on Tuesday.

I like the clean, new look. It's very chic. Here is a picture I found online.
But it seems I'm in the minority.

Some marketing and design experts have been highly critical of the new design overhaul. Fans of the airline have also lamented the loss of the iconic Lufthansa yellow from the planes.
And it seems that the company is now having to go back and retweak the blue they have chosen, which looks unintentionally black under adverse weather conditions. Luckily they have only painted two of their planes in the new colours so far.


Anonymous said...

It looks stylish in a minimalistic kind of way, but really, I think it is a bit boring.

Victor said...

On such personal perspectives do marketing concepts succeed or fail.

Adaptive Radiation said...

Andrew: A lot of what I have read on online news forum share your view.
Victor: At considerable cost too!