Sunday, May 6, 2018

Old school

I signed up for a new Singapore Airlines frequent flyer card several months ago. I waited and waited. It never arrived. Naturally, I blamed Australia Post.

I rang up the airline the other day to see if I could get a replacement as I'm due to travel with the airline for work in July.

The guy on the phone (who, by the way, picked up after one waiting!) was very polite. He told me that the card has gone digital and I would have received instructions via email when I validated my card on how to get it onto my phone. Ooops.

Sorry Australia Post.


Victor said...

Hehehe.....our entire lives will soon be recorded on smartphones.

Anonymous said...

I almost bit the bullet with our last flight, that is have the boarding passes sent to my phone, but wimped out at the last minute and printed them.

Adaptive Radiation said...

Victor: It's terrible. I was al late adopter and held onto my old Nokia for as long as possible.
Andrew: Australia seems to be a bit behind other countries. Even with a 'virtual' boarding pass, Qantas insists on printing a paper version at boarding. Tentative steps.