Sunday, July 1, 2018

Career change

I'm happy being an academic. I love the balance of teaching and research. I love the academic freedom and the flexibility I have in terms of my work time. At the same time, I hope I'd be brave enough to be able to make the switch to something else if the job no longer excites me.

I was at a birthday dinner for a friend last night and started chatting to someone I hadn't met before. I found out that he had previously worked in a circus, been a dancer in a night club, and is now working for a bank. That's quite a diverse career path!


Andrew said...

Diverse path or fractured path?

Victor said...

I can imagine you as an exotic dancer. Wanna try it?

Adaptive Radiation said...

Andrew: Hmmm...rocky?
Victor: I'd be the worst go-go dancer ever. Funnily enough, the guy at the party was the third person I met who once worked as a go-go dancer. One of my former colleagues danced at a night club in Perth when she was studying at uni and a friend of Nathan's worked as a dancer in Japan.