Sunday, July 15, 2018

Sunny weekend

I made the most of the fine weather this weekend.

On Saturday, I took the dog on an epic walk. We first headed towards Port Melbourne. 

On the way, I spotted this beautiful wattle already in full bloom.
 Truffles and I stopped briefly to look at the Spirit of Tasmania before heading off to the beach for a run.

We then made our way to Albert Park and walked around the lake. According to the pedometer on my phone, we had walked twelve kilometres.

Today, Nathan and I went to Chinatown for lunch. We had intended to go for yum cha but all of the better restaurants were already full so we went to Shandong Mama instead.
 Tonight I made minestrone.


Anonymous said...

All sorts of connections there, including making minestrone, which R did last week after not having made it for a few years. Yesterday we thought Little Jo wanted to dine in Chinatown for her birthday lunch, but instead we ended up at Sandbar on the beachfront in Middle Park. Local places for local people.

Adaptive Radiation said...

I walked past Middle park. Seems like a nice area. Made a mental note to explore it in future.