Thursday, December 20, 2018

The taxi driver

I am heading back to Canberra today for Christmas.

The first taxi I ordered didn't arrive.

The second taxi came – but the driver was an extreme Christian.

The conversation started off fine until I told him I was a biologist. And that's when things took an uncomfortable turn. The guy was a creationist. He was extremely passionate aggressive about his beliefs. At one point he wanted me to explain how bacteria can evolve into humans. I tried to change the subject but he kept coming back to to the Gospel and how God created everything. And that the Sun has always risen from the East because God made it so etc etc. He was getting louder and louder and, as he spoke, he started beating his chest with his palm. It was a tad bit scary.

He asked me if I had a wife. I said 'no' and left it at that.


Anonymous said...

I've used three taxis in the past couple and had great drivers including a very hot Sikh who offered me a bottle of water when a piece of plastic pouring water into my mouth was was not how I was imagining things. I guess you were unlucky and really it is something you should report. Polite conversation about what your job is should not turn to being an unpleasant experience.

Adaptive Radiation said...

I've had worse. I had a taxi driver once who told me he had been accused by a female passenger for sexual assault but he claims it was consensual. I'm not sure why he felt compelled to share that information with me.