Thursday, August 7, 2008


Arrived a few hours ago in the US and am trying to stay awake until this evening (eastern time). Managed to get into the American Airlines lounge using a guest Qantas Club card and am enjoying the free food, music and internet access.

Immigration clearance was a hilarious experience. A US customs officer brought a beagle along to sniff through people's carry on bags as they waited in line to clear immigration and customs. When the dog got to a young family, the little boy absolutely freaked out. The kid though that the dog was going to eat his teddy bear and he screamed and screamed, trying to shoo the dog away and yelling out "Get away dog! You go away! You go away". Almost everyone in the line broke out in synchronized laughter (only a kid, I reckon, would get away with something like that in the US).

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Muzbot said...

I was sitting in that exact same lounge this time last week thanks too to a Qantas Club pass. Not the greatest food there in that lounge.