Friday, March 27, 2009

The not so generous eel meal

Last night I went out for Japanese food with a friend from work. As I perused the dinner menu, I saw one of my favourite dishes...unagi (grilled eel). I chose the version described as "a generous portion of eel on rice" which was substantially more than the regular 'eel on rice'. When the dish arrived, I was very disappointed. I think the chef must have a very warped understanding of what 'generous' means because, although tasty, generous it most definitely wasn't. I ended up ordering a salmon and advocado salad on the side.

Nevertheless, inspired by unagi, my friend and I decided to buy some already-grilled-frozen-eel from an asian grocery store near the restaurant. We got so far as the counter when we realized our so-called japanese unagi was made in China. We tossed it back in the freezer and left.

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