Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The scrawny woman with the satanic scowl

Maybe it's public transport angst that I am projecting but I've taken a real disliking to a fellow commuter. Of course, I know absolutely nothing about this woman and am judging her solely on her physical appearance and behaviour which, I guess, makes me an extremely superficial person. But seriously...There is absolutely nothing (nothing!) endearing about this woman. If Amy Winehouse had intimate relations with Noah Taylor, and if the tryst resulted in a daughter, she would probably grow up resembling the woman I am describing. Her rake-thin body is accentuated by a hideous long black leather trench coat. She has a permanent scowl on her fish-like face and seems to be forever holding a rolled cigarette between her lanky, scarlet-painted finger tips. Apart from her haggard bad looks, she is also a most inconsiderate commuter. Forget queue etiquette here...this woman uses her pencil thin physique to good use, darting and weaving between others to get to the front of the bus line. And once she's embedded herself in the line, she will sneakily move closer and closer to the front of the queue by strategically blowing her acrid cigarette smoke onto others.


Victor said...

I bemuses me that anyone would find anything about Amy Winehouse attractive.

(The last time I made a similar comment on my blog, I received a blistering retort from a Winehouse admirer.)

FletcherBeaver said...

Oh how funny. It does take me back to my public transport days when I was going to work, the days I took the tram and didn't walk, of course. I had names for all of them. Friday Man, Face-lift woman, Spanky, Slitherin & Revolta, to name a few. There was also Fat Bitch with pulled back hair, so severe I’m always surprised she didn’t have a beard, who harrumphed and pushed people aside with her size, who I took a dislike to, even if I knew very little about her.

Damien said...

This is the sort of commuter that should be stoned by the village mob.