Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sydney - Day 2

Caught the ferry to Manly today for brekky. Nate and I strolled around for a bit before settling on a cafe that seemed to be the most popular on the street. We were not disappointed. I managed not to order the big brekky. Instead, I was drawn to the fried calves liver. Mmmm...offal.

Afterwards, we headed back to Circular Quay and were planning to take the ferry to Darling Harbour but made the decision to walk there instead. This was probably unwise in the light of all the walking we had done yesterday (both of our legs were still sore). Nonetheless, it was a nice stroll along the Rocks, piers and city. We caught up with a friend for lunch who is Sydney for his job (he is a member of an orchestra) before heading back to Circular Quay (this time by ferry) to catch a bus over to Dank Street in Waterloo.

Dank Street made me feel as though I had died and gone to heaven. Nestled amongst a bunch of commission flats was the most amazing street full of funky art galleries and furniture shops. The icing on the cake was realizing that we could catch the bus back to Newtown afterwards. Am having dinner 'in-house' tonight with friends. Nate needs to rest up for his harbour bridge climb tomorrow.

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