Saturday, June 13, 2009


I seem to be rather recalcitrant when it comes to facebook. Yes, I have signed up for facebook but my motives are not so much about social networking but, rather, to keep in touch with family. And yet, every few months, I get friend requests from people (usually friends) who are facebook junkies. It always takes me a couple of months before I get motivated enough to log on and answer their friend requests. Several friends have now started to organize social activities via facebook. I am on there so infrequently that I find myself either missing anouncements about the important get-togethers or getting in trouble for not checking or replying to my messages. It's all terribly frustrating. I find that I am being dragged into this sweeping phenomenon against my will.

But today I had my first insight into just how nice facebook ca actually make someone feel. Sitting in my email inbox was a message from a guy I had not seen for over twenty years! We were in the fifth grade together. He had seen me on TV a year ago and wondered if it was the same person that he had gone to school with. I've thought about the guy over the years and it was nice to see that he has been doing well (and, incidentally, has grown up to be a total hunk too). The message he sent was extremely nice, recounting the memory of someone who he remembered as being kind. What a lovely message. Totally made my day.


Evol Kween said...

Ahh Facebook, (or Crackbook as my friends and I call it). I have a love/hate relationship with it myself. I don't mind long-lost close friends finding me on there, but when randoms that I barely knew 15 years ago at high school friend me I find it all a bit weird!

Victor said...

I might stayed with Facebook had any hunks messaged me but all I got was a flood of emails that were of no interest and drove me mad. I gave Facebook away after a few weeks.

Adaptive Radiation said...

It's all good in this case. The funny thing is that my only memory of the guy was him running around naked in the classroom (I can't even remember the context but it was probably for a swimming carnival). I didn't tell him that though.

The nice thing is that he seems happily settled with girlfriend and three kids.

Victor said...

Ah yes, I would remember such an event too!