Friday, June 12, 2009

My first meme...

...was inspired by Fletcher Beaver.

1. When was the last time you cried?
When I saw my grandmother in hospital after she had her stroke. She died two weeks later.

2. Have you ever faked sick? get out of swimming carnival when I was a kid.

3. What was the last lie you told?
I can't remember but it was probably a white lie ;-)

4. Have you ever cried during a movie?
Yes. I cried during Life is Beautiful, an italian film about the holocaust.

5. Who was the last person you couldn't take your eyes off of?
My partner of course!

6. Have you ever danced in the rain?
Nope. I've stood outside in the rain but never danced around.

7. Have you ever been drunk?
It depends who you ask. I say 'no' but my colleagues beg to differ. I'm not a drinker but made an exception during my PhD party. I drank a lot but I wasn't the one who ended up spewing up my guts in the wee hours of the morning.

8. Have you ever tried drugs?
No. Nothing elicit. Eaten plenty of endangered species but never tried drugs.

9. Do you smoke?
No. I can't stand cigarettes.

10. What’s the farthest you've ever gone on a dare?
I'm a bit of a chicken so I generally try not get myself in situations where I would have to do anything too daring.

11. What is your full name?
Sorry, it'll have to be Adaptive radiation....I'd prefer not to have my students stumble upon my blog and constrain my ability to use this forum. If you really want to know, drop me an email and I might devulge my first name.

12. What is your blood-type?

13. Have you ever been in a car accident?
Yes but nothing serious. A car crashed into the bus I was on a few weeks ago. The driver looked pretty pissed but then he saw our bus driver...a big burly Moari bloke with imposing tattoos.

14. How old were you when you had your first kiss?
Thirty! Let's put this in perspective though. I only came out when I was 28.

15. Who was your first kiss?
His name was Mick.

16. Have you ever had an online relationship?
No. Well, kind of. Nate and I actually met online but we dated and got to know one another the old fashion way. The first date lasted 3 days.

17. Have you ever had phone sex?
No. I'm more of a visual person.

18. Have you ever been rejected by a crush?
No. I generally don't reveal my feelings to the people with whom I have crushes.

19. What is your favourite sport to play?
I like walking but not sure if that counts. I played volley ball (badly) at uni.

20. Have you ever made a prank phone call?
When I was a kid (this would have been way back when I was less than six years old). I dialled some random number and told the woman who answered not to bother cooking dinner because I had dinner plans already.

21. What’s your favourite childhood memory?
Playing with lanterns during chinese new year in Hong Kong. The good part of the memory didn't last long because the lantern went up in flames and I bawled my eyes out.

22. Is there anything that you have done that you regret?
Yes. I was quite a horrible brother to my two younger sisters and teased them incessantly.

23. What do you want to be when you grow up?
I wanted to be a pilot when I was a kid. I've always loved animals (and fish in particular) so I'm pretty much living my dream job working as a scientist.

24. What is your political persuasion?
I have left-leaning tendencies.

25. Have you ever had cybersex?
I'm picturing avatars and high tech sensory equipment so I will say 'no'.

26. Do you believe in god?
This is not an easy one for me to answer. I used to believe in God. I went to a catholic boys school and attended church every sunday. I would pray at night before I went to bed and wished for the world to be a better place. And then I grew up. I still follow some residual traditions though, like not eating meat on Good Friday. Heaven knows why ;-)

27. Do you believe in love at first sight?
Absolutely. Though it has never happened to me.

28. Do you believe in karma?

29. Who was your first crush?
My fourth grade teacher, Mr. Morwich (he had that spiky mullet look going on!).

30. Who do you have a crush on? No one.

31. How would you describe yourself? A good person.

32. What are you afraid of? Bad things happening to good people.

33. Are you religious? No. Didn't we have this question already?

34. What does your screen name mean? I assume this question relates to the name of my blog. Adaptive radiation has nothing to do with the aftermath of a nuclear explosion. If you want to know what it means, do a google search.

35. Which person do you trust the most? Can't split it...Nathan and my family.

36. Who was your first boyfriend/girlfriend? Knowing now what I know (and keeping in mind that I only came out when I was 28), I guess I would say that Nathan is my first boyfriend.

37. What is the best compliment you have ever received?
You are a person of high integrity.

38. What is the meanest thing anyone has said about you?
My PE teacher in high school told me that I had a big head. I believe he meant it literally. I'm not sure I agree. My head is proportionate to my height (I'm 196 cm tall).

39. What is the longest crush/relationship you have had?
That would be Nathan. Almost two and a half years now!

40. What is your greatest strength?

41. What is your greatest weakness?

42. What is your perfect pizza? Anything with artichokes, goats cheese and/or prosciutto.

43. What is your first thought when waking up in the morning? Got to get out of bed.

44. What is your last thought before you go to bed?
What will I cook for dinner tomorrow.

45. What university do you want to go to?
Hmmm....I'm pretty content with where I'm at now.

46. Do you get along with your family? Yes. We are very close. I talk to mum every night!

47. Do you play any instruments?
No. I am musically challenged.

48. What kind of music do you like?
Bad 90's dance music (I guess 'bad' is redundant when it comes to 90's dance music).

49. Do you think you’re attractive? I never used to but Nathan makes me feel attractive.

50. Would you ever get a tattoo? I like tattoos but I think I'm too fickle to be able to live with the permanence of any designs I might pick.

51. How many piercings do you have? None.

52. Who makes you laugh?
My friends.

53. Who would you want to be tied to for 24hours?

54. Have you ever seen a dead body?
Yes. When my uncle died of a heart attack, I had to take my family to the morgue to look at the body.

55. Do you have a celebrity crush?
Clive Owen.

56. What is one thing scientists should invent?
Time machine.

57. Have you ever broken a bone?

58. What happens after you die?
The world continues to spin.

59. Do you watch or read the news?
Yes. I'm a news freak.

60. What stereotype would you label yourself as being?
I don't think I mold to any stereotype. People can't usually tell I'm gay and I hate discussing science outside of work.

61. Would your friends agree with that stereotypic label? the sense that I don't fit stereotypes.

62. If you could change your name, what would you change it to?
I wouldn't.

63. If you could go back in time to one point in your life, where would you go?
I'd probably go back to my childhood. Things were less complicated then. Nevertheless, I think I am a much better person now than I've ever been in the past so I am quite content with the present me.

64. If you could change anything about yourself, what would you change?
Nothing really. It's all a part of who I am (it's all good as far as I'm concerned).

65. Have you ever gone skinny dipping?
No. The closest I've come is standing on the jetty testing the water with my toes (it was way too cold). I have been in a hot tub with 12 naked women, an experience that was totally wasted on me.

66. Have you ever played strip poker?
No. Can't play poker.

67. Would you ever lie to someone to make them feel good about themselves?
It would depend on circumstances but, in principle, 'Yes'.

68. What do you want your friends to think about you?
To think and to know are very different things. I would hope my friends KNOW who I am.

69. What’s the biggest argument you've ever gotten into?
I don't think I've ever been in a truly serious argument.

70. Have you ever bitten someone?
Yes...a family friend when I was young. I got in trouble.

71. When’s your birthday?
27 April.

72. Have you ever stolen anything?
Yes...cuttings from the Botanic Gardens.

73. Do you make wishes on shooting stars?
No. I've never seen a shooting star.

74. What’s the most you've ever eaten in one sitting?
I once ate so much meat at an all-you-can-eat korean bbq that I actually turned vegetarian for a whole week!

75. If you could go back and change one day, what would it be?
I don't think I would change any day for myself.

76. Do you remember your dreams?
I used to dream a lot about being chased by things (animals, dinosaurs). More recently, I seem to have lots of flying dreams.

77. Have you ever been in love?
Yes. Right now.

78. Are you a morning person or a night person?
Definitely morning. I'm one of those people that wakes up smiling. Nate hates it.

79. Do you have any phobias?
Spiders. I can't stand them. This is a problem given that I am a biologist. I remember doing fieldwork in a forest in south-eastern Queensland. There were orb weaver webs everywhere. And everytime I'd walk into a web, I'd scream like a crazy woman and wave my arms about like a lunatic. I think virtual spiders are even worse (i.e. when you think there is still a spider somewhere on your body AFTER you've walked into a web).

80. What’s the meanest thing you've ever done to someone?
Accidentally breaking the bedroom door and blaming it on one of my sisters.

81. Have you ever been to the hospital (other than birth)?
Yes, to get an angiogram. Not pleasant. Everything checked out ok though.

82. How many screen names do you have?
Just the one.

83. Do any medical problems run in your family?
Heart disease.

84. Has anyone ever been disowned from your family?

85. Have you ever had a nightmare?
Yes. Being chased by scary things or missing my exams.

86. Do you say meaner things to your friends or your enemies?
I don't have any enemies that I'm aware of. Not even a nemesis. I try to be diplomatic to my friends but I'm not afraid of stripping back and making harsh statements if I think the person needs to hear it.

87. Would you ever participate in a threesome?
No. See...not stereotyped.

88. Would you ever pay for a prostitute?

89. Have you ever mooned or flashed someone?

90. Have you ever cheated on your bf/gf?

91. Have you ever laughed so hard you peed in your pants?
No, but a few times I've laughed so hard that I've farted (but thankfully never sharted).

92. Have you ever written a love letter?
No. Just cards.

93. Have you ever attempted suicide?

94. Do you prefer boxers or briefs?
Boxer briefs.

95. Have you ever been in a fistfight?
Nope...the best I could manage was repeated bitch slapping of a kid at school who squirted orange juice on my sock for no apparent reason.

96. Do you have any hidden talents?
I can debone a chicken wing in 16 secs with my tongue. True.

97. What is one thing you want me to know about you?
I love (to eat) chicken but never order it at restaurants.

98. What is one question you wouldn't want me to ask?
Hmmm...having got this far, it's hard to think of any.

99. What do you think of this meme?
A bit too long. My neck hurts.


FletcherBeaver said...

Repeat bitch slapping of a kid at school who squirted orange juice on your sock," lol! Ah, the mental picture.

Victor said...


With a tongue like yours, Nathan is one lucky fellow.

Adaptive Radiation said...

FB: Bitch slapping was the best I could manage.
Victor: That tongue trick only works with chicken wings.

C said...

you have the same bday as my gf, buddy! steve chen

C said...

u have the same bday as my gf!