Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The guy who held up the train

A train pulls up at platform 7 at Flinders Street Station this morning. All the passengers get off the train. The screen on the platform monitor says that the train is not taking any passengers. I stand on the platform waiting for the next train that is suppose to take me into work. I see a guy running along the length of the platform, gets to the last carriage and tried to get in. He looks desperate. He then tries to flag down a cleaner to help him get into the carriage. No luck. He then decides to run to the front end of the train and manages to get the train driver out. They walk all the way to the back of the train. The driver opens the carriage door. The guy goes in and emerges with a plastic bag....containing his fu&*ing lunch! He held up the train and caused delays for his lunch! Because of the idiot, our train couldn't get to the platform. We all had to go to another one and I ended up getting to work 15 mins late. Well done Mr. lunch man. Hope you enjoy your sandwhich.


The Mutant said...

I don't think the sandwich was the main cause of his concern. Most likely it was the couple of ounces of cocain/speed/ice that he was really after.

Just a thought.

K said...

That's really annoying indeed.

Evol Kween said...

Seriously dude, the weirdest shit happens to you on public transport!